Cremation Rules in Sanatan Dharma | Cremation in Hinduism

All the answers mentioned below are sourced from Sanatan ethology and answered by the current Shankaracharya of Puri Peeth, Swami Sri Nischalananda Saraswati Ji Maharaj.

Q. Why is the body of a Hermit not burnt???

A. The importance of renunciation is considered high in Sanatan Dharma, people who became Hermit, also renunciate the fire even they cannot cook their own food, but they have the right to eat food cooked by others.

After renouncing the body of the sannyasi, his dead body is burnt by mantras. It would be wrong to say that the body of a sannyasi is not burnt, but it is true to say that a sannyasi is not burnt through fire.

Q. How should a Vaishnava’s body be cremated after death?

A. In Hinduism, Vaishnavites are duly cremated using fire after death.

Q. How should a dead person be cremated?

A. It is considered best to burn the dead body on the banks of the river. If it is not possible to do so, then in your own or neighbor’s garden, with the using raw mango woods, bamboo, and cow pie.

Q. After the death of a child, how is his body cremated?

A. From birth to the age of adolescence, after death, a child must be cremated through Samadhi in the earth.

Q. Is it right to burn the dead body through electricity or not?

A. Burning the dead body in an electric furnace is a cremation, not rite. Burning the body using an electric furnace is not a valid way of cremation.

Q. How is the body of an orphaned monk cremated?

A. If the body of a monk is an orphan if he doesn’t have his disciple or relative, then his body is given to the carnivores or omnivores animals for their food by leaving his body in a holy river.

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