Fact Check: Mohammad Asif and Shiv Shakti Dham (Dasna) Devi Temple Controversy

Uttar Pradesh: The incident happened on the evening of March 12 when a Muslim boy named Mohammad Asif was beaten up and the entire Hindu society was maligned by the left media for unilaterally sharing his false statement. The media said that he went to the temple to drink water, after which he was beaten. While the truth turned out to be something else.

A lot of donations were also collected by the left political and media people by telling fake news from Hindu’s pocket, it estimated approx 15 lakhs by calling Mohammad Asif weak, thirsty,… but in the end, the truth was won and the lie was defeated.

Donation campaign by Mohammad Zubair

In fact, as soon as the video of the incident went viral, the leftist media tried to make it look completely anti-Muslim. But after a few days when the statement came out through Mahanthji’s, then the whole truth came out!

The boy, who was beaten by Shringi Nandan Yadav, found out after a thorough investigation of the incident is named Mohammad Asif and was urinating on the Shiva lingam in the temple. He was beaten up by outrageous Shringi Nandan Yadav when caught. Soon after, Shringi Nandan Yadav was arrested by Ghaziabad Police.

Shringi Yadav arrested
Shringi Yadav arrested

The incident was initially told by the leftist media that he had been beaten because of drinking water in the temple, while inquiries from people at the site showed that the drinking water had gone 400 – 500 meters inside the temple entrance. The latter is arranged, while the water tap is installed in front of the gate outside the temple and also a handpump present outside of Temple for public use.

Fake narrative against Shivshakti dham Dasana
Picture showing Tap available outside the Temple

Shringi Nandan Yadav is the son of Ashwani Kumar Yadav who is a resident of Bhagalpur in Bihar and he works in Uttar Pradesh. They have to come to the temple from the beginning, and they also take special care of suspicious activities in view of the condition of the temple.

Immediately after the incident, BSP MLA from Dasna, Aslam Chaudhary accused the mahant of the temple that Baba is a very big goon, he is a mafia.

The incident is located at Shivshakti Dham- Devi Temple, Dasna (Uttar Pradesh). The Mahants here are Swami Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati Ji Maharaj, who has taken over the entire work of the temple for the last 10 years.

Mahant ji said that many times he has been stolen from the temple premises by the Muslim society peoples, they used to sneak into the temple and molest the girls who came to worship. When we raised our voices, people of the whole Muslim society came to fight with us. In going, we also filed a complaint with the police several times, but no action was taken.

To avoid this, we have installed a board at the main entrance of the temple, on which we have explained that “here the entry of Muslims is forbidden”, yet these people do not believe and come here and insult our God and snatch our children, We have caught them red-handed many times.

This area is completely filled with the Muslim majority population, it has 95% Muslim population and only 5% Hindus, in such a situation, Mahant Ji said that because of our low population, people of Muslim society have been constantly harassing us since the beginning. Yes, before this Mahants were killed by these people or they have driven away. We are the only ones who have dated even after being tortured by them for so many days, they said how many times they even threatened to kill us. But we are not afraid of dying.

Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati talking to media person

He said that we have been saving till today because of the local Hindus here. We have maintained an armed force of 15 people here to protect us from the help of the people, who help protect us and our temple from the jihadis.

After the truth of the incident came out, it was revealed that the events were planned by some political people like Bhim Army, Alka Lamba, Muhammad Zubair, and leftist media like The Print, The Quint, The Wire, Alt News, Indian Express,… Gaya, through which the conspiracy to discredit Hindus globally was revealed.

Bhim Army politicizing the issue

After this, Suresh Chauhan on Sudarshan News on this issue. And he called all the Hindus that they all reached Dasna temple on 19.03.2021 We will broadcast ours from there.

After this, the crowd of people in the temple premises, Omar Pari, in which most of the youth were there or many Hinduists also attended, took turns in turn and assured everyone that the border of this temple will not be removed but all the other temples are like this Urged to put a board, in view of the situation of the temple, in the end, Suresh Chauhan K. 25 Lakh rupees were donated by the Rashtriya Nirman Trust to the temple and he also assured to help all such temples in India.

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